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Trapped in the darkest depths of The Maw, starving and alone, Six’s world is one filled with danger. Most children would have already given up, but Six is different. She’s smart, and tough, and has a lovely yellow raincoat. She belongs elsewhere. They're coming. - Official Description


Six is the main protagonist in Little Nightmares.


Six, the character you play, is a small, scrawny, silent, starving 9 year old girl. She appears to be malnourished as she is much smaller and skinnier than a regular child of her age. She wears a yellow raincoat with a pointed cap that covers most of her face, revealing only her tiny mouth and nose, though she also appears to have short, dark, and shaggy hair. Underneath, she has on white shorts, revealed as she moves about during the game. She is also barefoot and bare-legged and carries a lighter to light her way.


Six is the main protagonist of Little Nightmares. She is among other children who were taken from their home to The Maw potentially to be served as food (though this may not be the case). She is small, which puts her at a disadvantage against most of the creatures in The Maw, many of which try to pursue and harm her, however, her keen intellect and agility give her the means to attempt to escape her prison.

She seems to be friendly with little creatures called Nomes, hugging them when she can, but the vast majority of the rest of the creatures she encounters on her journey to freedom are far different: chasing, catching, or even eating her. Some of her antagonists include The Lady, Janitor, Twin Chefs and the leeches.

Possible Theories

  • It's been commonly theorized that Six could be the daughter of The Lady, and her brother being The Runaway Kid, however the creators have stated that Six and The Lady have no relation.
  • A possible reason she is in the Prison of The Maw is the theory that Six is more beautiful than The Lady (whose character is obsessed with vanity). Many pictures during the final chase through The Guest's Area and around The Lady's Quarters have portraits of what could be Six. Some people have thought to have seen Six's eyes and claimed her eyes were glowing; very similar to The Lady's.
  • Six could be based off of many mythical creatures such as a Tengu. Tengu are known to be pranksters who burn temples (Six carries a lighter) and dislikes vanity (Which The Lady is obsessed with). Tarsier Studios even offers a Tengu mask for Six to wear (once you play the interactive demo (now unavailable). She could also have some aspects of a Baku, who eats dreams.
  • It is also possible that Six could be controlled by The Lady by her shadow because as we see Six eat a shadow appears, that means Six is being watched by The Lady (but when Six eats The Lady her shadow is not seen because Six had consumed The Lady’s magic, possibly corrupting her).


  • In the Six Edition of Little Nightmares, the figurine of Six that you get with it wears white shorts underneath her raincoat. This can be seen briefly on occasion after dying and waking up in game.
  • It can be estimated that Six is either around 8-12 inches tall, based on common objects found in the maw, or else everything else is enormous compared to her.
  • Six in the game can wear many masks:
    • Upside Down Teapot: Special Edition, Pre-Order
    • Scarecrow Mask: Special Edition, Pre-Order
    • Tengu Mask: Interactive Demo of Little Nightmares (unavailable)
    • Kitsune Mask: entering a code by logging in from Bandai Namco's VIP Corner (expires April 28, 2027)
    • Pakku Mask: scanning the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS Pacman amiibo on the Nintendo Switch version of Little Nightmares
    • The Lady's Mask: obtain "Rascal" achievement (break all statues)
  • When removing the yellow waterproof raincoat with a modeling program is revealed that six has brown eyes.